Your wellbeing is are some simple exercises and ideas to support you.

A teacher's wellbeing is critical in being able to support and hold the classroom. By taking those extra few moments to support yourself - for example drinking some water, going for a walk - your body will feel more relaxed and connected, which will be felt by all the children and help them to settle too.

Sitting Yoga session 

13 minutes


A gentle way to bring the body and mind back into a more settled state of being.

13 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 13:56

Sitting Yoga session 

7 minutes


A simple exercise focusing to the hands to bring a more gentle movement and stillness to the whole body.

7 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 07:36

Body awareness activity​

20 minutes


A short body awareness exercise to help you identify physical sensations that indicate how you are feeling inside.

Our Trainers...

are psychotherapists and counsellors with over twenty years experience working in primary and secondary schools, and are registered with the professional bodies BACP and UKCP.


Please contact us to find out more information on the training available and how we can support your school