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Your wellbeing is are some simple exercises and ideas to support you.

A teacher's wellbeing is critical in being able to support and hold the classroom. By taking those extra few moments to support yourself - for example drinking some water, going for a walk - your body will feel more relaxed and connected, which will be felt by all the children and help them to settle too.

Sitting Yoga session 

13 minutes


A gentle way to bring the body and mind back into a more settled state of being.

13 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 13:56

Sitting Yoga session 

7 minutes


A simple exercise focusing to the hands to bring a more gentle movement and stillness to the whole body.

7 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 07:36
Areas of Expertise

Body awareness activity​

20 minutes


A short body awareness exercise to help you identify physical sensations that indicate how you are feeling inside.

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