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Creating a time and the space for teachers to process the pandemic

The training for teachers is crucial so that they have the time and space to process the intensity of the last couple of years.
The experience has been one of constant change and varying expectations of what is needed and what was possible to give. There has been a lot to process. The whole teaching profession has done an incredible job there is much to appreciate and acknowledge.

In the training we go through what has occurred:

  • the fear experienced

  • the negotiating of risk

  • what happens to the brain with anxiety 

  • the loss of control

  • the understanding of what was needed/ adaptability

  • the appreciation

  • the acceptance

  • the opportunities to deepen on every level

Throughout we offer opportunities for colleagues to talk and share via the break out rooms on zoom, this is essential to allow this space so that your staff feel heard and seen.

A major factor in supporting yourself is knowing how to support your body to release tension and connect to deeper settlement and contentment in the body. We have lots of very simple, short exercises that we do throughout the training and that can then be shared with the children.

Training is on zoom or in person if appropriate, it takes 1-1.5 hours approx


The training for staff was a really brilliant way to help people transition from working from home to returning to school during the pandemic. It gave people the time and space to think about their experiences and to talk. For their own well-being, many of the teachers have embraced the idea of committing to doing one thing a day to support their own self-regulation (one teacher is ensuring she does a 15 minute walk to start her day, another is taking 10 minutes away from her work and family responsibilities to focus on her own breathing) Kristie Stroud SLT


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