We have all been in the 'same sea'  in this global pandemic, but our individual experiences have been very varied i.e. 'different boats'. This therapeutically designed Programme assists workplace communities to re-integrate, by supporting employees to create a collective narrative of their diverse experiences during Covid-19.

Whats on offer

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Workplaces continue to be under a lot of uncertainties, constant pressure to keep going and adjust the way of working be it from school or from home. We can't control the changes that are occurring outside of ourselves and what we do know is that the staff will have had many difficult experiences, at the least they will have not been able to see people and be in their normal routine. 


We need to provide a safe, structured, creative way for workplace communities to make sense of this.


We have designed a whole workplace creative art project that will use art and storytelling to help staff to express and make sense of their experiences, understand the experiences of others and help them to create a ritual to capture this history in the making. 

Staff will be trained and then supported with reflective practice by trained professionals, so they feel held and contained throughout, while we all navigate these un-chartered waters. There is the opportunity for ongoing support for staff in groups or 1:1 therapeutic 

What is felt and expressed is let go of so you can be free to live fully in the moment...this fosters mental health
and wellbeing. 


Support to process the impact of Lockdown and being back in the workplace.


A 1.5 hour training via zoom for staff.

Staff will be offered training to help them navigate the emotional aspects of being in the pandemic, and to support themselves with this experience. Topics covered will include fear, control, perspective, acceptance, being with the unknown, appreciation.


On-going support can be provided to staff to address any issues that may arise. 

To book: info@sameseadifferentboats.com



A half day training via zoom or in house for staff and their families

A therapeutic art project which uses storytelling to help children to express their experiences, make sense of them, understand others’ experiences and help them to create a ritual to capture the history in the making. The art project is around the idea that we have all been in the same sea but we have all been in different boats. Creating space for making sense of and expressing our experiences in a contained and managed way.

To book: info@sameseadifferentboats.com 


That was the best wellbeing training I have ever had, so practical 



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