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These can be used in class and at home. Super simple and engaging activities that work on regulating the body and reducing stress!  

Through different ways of exploring our thoughts, emotions and body sensations, we learn to understand ourselves a little more.


Click on the arrow in the centre of the video to play, and the bottom right musical note for sound. Click on the screen to pause once started.

Introduction to our amazing Connective Tissue

What Connective Tissue is, how it is affected by our emotions and what we can do to support our vitality.

Learn how to support your body to feel calmer (teachers)

Connective Tissue exercises and how small repeated, rhythmic movements can help us feel less stressed.

Saying Hello to your Body (children)

How you move your shoulders, arms and feet can help your entire body become less hard and stressed. 


Sitting Yoga session 

13 minutes


A gentle way to bring the body and mind back into a more settled state of being.

13 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 13:56

Sitting Yoga session 

7 minutes


A simple exercise focusing to the hands to bring a more gentle movement and stillness to the whole body.

7 minute Sitting Yoga
00:00 / 07:36

Sitting Yoga session for 5 - 11 year olds

8 minutes


A simple exercises to bring a more gentle movement and stillness to the whole body.

8 minute Sitting Yoga for 5-11's
00:00 / 08:04
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