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As the pandemic moves into the background we have the very important job of helping everyone process how they have experienced it.

We have so much more understanding of what helps us move forward from difficult events due to neuroscience and therapy. 

We know we need to tell our stories, to say what we felt, to know what happened when it happened. To create a cohesive narrative of events.

The most important thing we are tasked with as the adults to children is to create the spaces to explore the past few years safely and sensibly.

We have written this book 'The Day the World Stopped" to assist schools to do just this. 

We realise schools are time poor and want to help children academically what the science tells us irrevocably is that this will only happen when you feel safe, seen and heard. We cannot overlook this important vital step in the moving forward in this new normal. 

We are collating the stories on our website please send images, word documents, pdfs to



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