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• Single lesson plans for supporting social/ emotional wellbeing  

By having a clear narrative, the brain can place challenging experiences to memory. This allows the body to move on and settle back into being open and present. 

Story books

Story about a bee who feels the fear of the humans at lockdown and whose queen bee dies and they can't see or touch her.

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Story about the stinky sticky virus shares about viruses and helping young children to understand what they are. 

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Explains the different aspects of Coronavirus in a way that children can understand and relate to their own lives.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Lesson plans

The Knowing Tree  


Building self-esteem and knowing who you are.

Age range
5-18 years

The Body Knows

Learning how to listen to what your body is telling you about how you feel inside.

Age range
5-18 years 

The Reconnection Cube

A six sided cube showing different ways to connect and promote

Age range
5-11 years 

Love in learning

Discovering what you enjoy and what your path in life might be.

Age range
7-18 years 


Who Is Your Hero?


Activity that creates an opportunity to share who  inspires young people and find out what personal qualities matter to others

Age range
11 -18 years 

One Thing...

Different rounds of a game that asks young people to define themselves and their sense of identity

Age range
-18 years 


Supports young people to consider how they feel about certain topics and claim their own sense of what feels true for them

Age range
11 -18 years 

Everyday Resilience

Encourages young people to identify things that support their wellbeing and those that do not

Age range
- 18 years 

Links to websites 


Programmes for Life Skills for Mental Health and Wellbeing.


A great resource for parents providing ongoing wellbeing support online with one-to-one and group work. 


A comprehensive list of services for young people for accessing support for mental health and wellbeing.